If you’re looking to know about us, then at QueenBingo.co.uk, we strive to provide those interested in playing bingo online with a source for the best bingo sites around. As a game that has exploded in popularity on the world wide web, new websites dedicated to providing players with a good time in new interesting ways are being developed daily. With hundreds of bingo sites being created as the months move on, we offer our genuine input into what makes these bingo sites the best, top-quality sites out there based on a range of criteria from layout to bonuses offered. With our ever-growing directory, you are sure to find the bingo site that is the most fun and rewarding for you.


Our Mission

QueenBingo reviews new sites, giving our independent and honest opinions of how the site is structured and ran with insight into the perks one might get for joining one of the sites. As a team of bingo enthusiasts, we provide only the most pertinent and essential information to choose which bingo sites you want to commit your time and money to. We seek to continuously follow through with our mission to assist players in finding the best, top-quality bingo sites on the web.  Our honest critiques provide valuable insight into which bingo sites are the most reliable. We also post on new exclusive offers that bingo sites can, offer as well as any of the latest news.

The bingo sites that we compare range from free-to-play to those that require a deposit. We measure the pros and cons of each type. Weighing in on what types of bonuses and prizes players can win when joining these sites. Many of the sites recommended have no deposit fee and offer extensive money bonuses. We do thorough research to determine whether these sites are the best for you as a player.


Player Difficulty

The websites we review are for players with a range of experience, from beginners to pros in the bingo world. Every bingo site recommended has options for the most serious bingo players out there as well as those just starting to venture into the world of bingo online. Each website also considers the needs of those serious players who enjoy playing for rewards through different options, including loyalty programs. Players can easily find out the essential information of the site they’re interested in by reading our reviews, which provide ways to play, rules and regulations, bonuses, and each site’s history. No one will feel ill-prepared to play the game after using the reviews provided on our site.



By learning to understand the games that are offered by each bingo site reviewed here, players will be able to increase not only their enjoyment of the game but also their winnings. A lot of the sites we recommend have special promotional offers based on the time of the year. Some of the offerings include extensive vacations and other fun prizes. The joy of playing bingo is enough to check out any of these sites but the possibility of prizes is an added bonus.



Our pride comes from continually providing accurate and updated information about the latest bingo sites and news. We welcome visitor feedback so we can build upon what we have. At Newbingosites.net we work hard to keep improving our promotional updates and full length reviews so you as players know exactly what to expect. We provide immediate access to hundreds of the best bingo sites so that no matter what time, day or night, you are never bored with the bingo experience.


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