Bingo Lingo

There’s not a lot you need to know when you sign up for an online bingo account and get started with a game, but you’ll be ahead of the crowd if you know a few basic terms. Whether you’re playing 90 ball bingo, 70 ball bingo or a fun, non-traditional variant, getting to grips with what everything means is always a plus. Furthermore, as online bingo is such a social environment, knowing some of the terms used in online bingo rooms will help you out a lot. Here’s everything you need to know:

Bingo Board – This is where all of the numbers which could be called out during a game are displayed. When a number has been called, it’s highlighted on the board.

Bingo Bonus – Often shortened to BB, this refers to a special prize given in a particular competition. Each Bingo Bonus is different, and players will be provided with the details of each competition and the prize which is awarded by the chat moderator, or CM.

Bingo Room –Most online bingo sites will have a range of bingo rooms to choose from. They will either offer different kinds of game, various styles of play, or different themes. The ticket prices may be different, and different languages may be offered in each room.

Callers –Although the bingo caller is often an automated voice with online bingo, the role of a bingo caller in traditional games was to control the excitement and suspense of the game by calling out the numbers and declaring winning numbers.

Chat Games – These are mini games carried out within chat rooms while bingo numbers are being called out in the main game. They are very popular and vary hugely in type. They could be simple trivia contests or big tournaments. They add an extra thrill – and extra prizes – to gameplay.

Chat Moderator – The primary function of a chat moderator is to host a chat room. However, they are also there to provide additional entertainment during a game, give advice and generally be a friendly figure. They will step in if the basic rules of chat etiquette aren’t being followed, and make sure everyone is being treated with respect.

Chat Room – In online bingo, the chat room is at the core of the action, as this is where people go to chat with fellow bingo players and socialize. It’s a place to make friends, join in with chat games and gossip.

Coverall – This term is used in the 75 ball bingo variant to refer to the pattern requiring all numbers on a ticket to be called. It can also be called a blackout. During such a game, the centre square of the ticket is given free.

House – When this is called, it means that a player has become the first to mark off all the numbers on their ticket. In other words, they are the person who has won the game.

Inside Square – This is one of the most commonly used patterns in 75 ball bingo games. Players aim to mark off the eight numbers which surround the free square in the middle of their card.

Jackpot –A lot of online bingo games have a jackpot on offer in addition to the prize. The lucky player who lands a full house will often be given the jackpot, or it could go to the player who forms the pattern described at the start of the game.

Minimum Buy-in – Every online bingo game will require a certain number of tickets to be bought in order for a player to be eligible to take part. On the other end of the scale, there will also be a maximum number of tickets. Some games are played ‘fair and square’, which means that each player has the same number of tickets.

Nick –This is short for ‘nickname’ – the unique name someone has as their online identity in an online bingo chat room.

One Line – The first winner in a traditional game of bingo has managed to highlight one line of numbers on their card.

Pattern – In 75 ball bingo, there are thousands of different ticket patterns which can be set as the goal to achieve. These involve highlighting particular squares on the ticket so they form a certain shape. Forming this pattern first means you win the game.

Progressive Jackpot – With a progressive jackpot, a small percentage of the bingo ticket price gets paid into a fund, which grows over time. When a player manages to achieve ‘bingo’ within a certain number of balls, they are awarded the jackpot.

RNG – Online bingo games make use of a random number generator, or RNG, in order to make sure the numbers are called completely randomly and no pattern can be predicted. This means that the game is completely fair and can’t be used to anyone’s advantage.

Speed Bingo – As the name suggests, this kind of bingo involves the numbers being called more quickly, which generates more suspense and excitement – and also leads to a winner being found at a faster rate.

Split Pot – If two or more players claim a win at the same time, the pot is split and shared equally between them both.

Tickets – These are required to enter a bingo game, and one or more may be needed. They are also referred to as bingo cards.

Traditional Bingo Call –Some callers will make use of rhymes to announce each number, and these are used to add variety and intrigue to a game.

Two Lines –The second winner in a standard bingo game is the person who has highlighted two lines of numbers on their card.