Best No Wagering Bingo Sites 2019 in the UK

Many bingo players love the offers and bonuses that come with playing on a site, but wagering requirements can put people off continuing to play. No wagering bingo sites, therefore, are an attractive way to get involved in the world of online bingo. As Queen of Bingo, I take pride in finding only the best bingo with no wagering for my loyal subjects, so if you want to play bingo with no wagering, here’s some background to what no wagering really means and where to find the best choices.

What is No Wagering Bingo?

Wagering requirements are a pain for any online bingo player. A bingo bonus can look generous and attractive, but once you read the small print, all is not what it seems. By removing the wagering requirement, bingo sites will attract more players, because whatever they win will immediately be available to deposit. The reason people enjoy no wager bingo sites is mainly because no deposit is needed in many cases, and once bingo winnings have been won, whether it’s 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo, they are yours from the minute they land in your virtual wallet. The world of wagering requirements can become very complex, and those wanting a hassle-free bingo experience will want to avoid it where they can.

There are many different types of no wagering bingo bonuses. For example, bingo tickets are offered as a bonus on some online bingo sites, and these tickets can be used in particular rooms, with any winnings available as withdrawable cash. Conditions like this can become a little steeper depending on the no wagering bonus you receive, and even if you think an offer looks fairly straightforward, I always recommend the bingo players in my kingdom read up on the terms and conditions. This is because some online bingo sites offer slot spins as a no wager bonus, but while the slots could be no wagering, the winnings can be paid as a slots bonus, which would mean they have high wagering requirements. A similar, but more generous, offer with slot spins is that they are offered with the winnings paid as cash. These offers can be rare, as the player simply spins, wins and keeps the cash without having to wager more money to become eligible for a withdrawal. I would recommend checking out such an offer if you see it on a no wager bingo site, but as with any offer, check out if there’s a catch – for example, there is often a cap on the amount you can win, so before you rush to sign up, check if you would be satisfied with the maximum winning amount available.

Another no wagering bingo bonus option is the non-withdrawable bingo bonus, which operates in the same way as a traditional deposit bonus, but only has a wagering requirement of 1x. As nothing comes for free in life, see what the bingo site requires a player to do as part of the offer. For instance, some sites may have as a condition that the player needs to spend money in a particular order before being eligible for a cash withdrawal. So you may need to spend money before receiving the bonus, which would mean you’re still making an investment with the bingo site before seeing if you receive any winnings. On other occasions, the winnings can be split between cash and bonus, which could mean that if you land a big win, you’d be horrified to discover that only a quarter of it is withdrawable cash, while the remaining three quarters come in the form of a non-withdrawable bonus.

Wagering requirements explained

Wagering requirements are essentially put in place by a bingo site to ensure a player invests a certain amount of cash on bingo games before being able to benefit from any winnings they may have obtained from a bonus offer. This makes sense from a business perspective, as the bingo operator is able to protect itself from any losses and encourage regular cash deposits to be made, but from a player viewpoint, it can be frustrating and put a dampener on welcome bonuses that look exciting and lucrative.

Simply put, a wagering requirement is a multiplier that dictates the number of times you have to play through a bonus before any winnings you have managed to land become eligible for withdrawing to your personal bank account. So if an online bingo offer is £30, but has a 10x wagering requirement, you would have to spend £300 before being able to withdraw the winnings that are pending. This number was calculated by multiplying 30 by 10, and if you are ever unsure of what the total amount you would have to spend would be, you can follow this simple equation to find out the answer.

Some bingo sites will find that players are put off by wagering requirements, so they experience sign-ups as players are excited by an offer which looks beneficial to their bankroll, only to find that they don’t want to keep paying for bingo to gain access to their winnings. This works out on a financial level for the bingo operator, as players will be paying for bingo games, but it also doesn’t work out because the gameplay can be short term and new players will need to keep being brought in to keep money ticking over on a continual basis. This is why no wagering bingo sites have proven such a hit with both players and bingo operators, as not only will players be able to immediately access their winnings, the bingo site will be able to retain players who want to continue playing with a reputable brand.

How to find the Best No Wagering Bingo Sites

There are plenty of no wagering bingo sites out there to choose from, but how do you make a decision about which one is best for you? I’ve compiled a selection of questions to ask yourself as you browse bingo sites for the perfect no wager offer:

Can you use multiple payment methods?

Sometimes no wagering bingo sites will make their money by striking up partnerships with lesser known payment methods and only offering those to players, to increase the amount of people who have an account with this provider. It can also save money to not pay for multiple payment providers to be available on a site. Either way, if you can’t use your payment method of choice on a potential no wager bingo site, it’s probably worth looking elsewhere. A reputable site will have several methods available to make the bingo gameplay as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Is the cap on no wager winnings reasonable?

It can be common for no wagering bingo sites to introduce a strict cap on winnings obtained using such a bonus. So before you get excited at the thought of a no deposit bonus with no wagering requirements, double check if they are capped. Nothing would be more frustrating than landing a full house in a round of bingo, only to find that your big win has been capped. Make sure the cap, if there is one, is reasonable and meets with your expectations. After all, it’s your bankroll you’re parting with.

Are free spins subject to wagering requirements?

Online bingo and slots are often paired, as the two games are pretty similar in terms of the style of gameplay and how winnings are landed. They are both games of chance, and require simply observing if you have a winning result after a number has been called or a reel has been spun. In order to entice bingo players, a no wagering offer may be based around free spins, saying that wagering requirements don’t apply. However, reading the terms and conditions is advised, as this could mean that, while bingo winnings aren’t subject to a wagering requirement, the free spins will have a high one due to being classed as slots.

Are there restrictions on where to spend the no wagering bonus?

Particularly applicable to free bingo tickets offered as a no wagering bonus, some offers will have conditions based on where they can be spent. A prime example is free bingo tickets only being available in certain bingo rooms. Fortunately, this is often restricted to popular bingo rooms, which means you get high quality gameplay, good social opportunities and a good chance of landing a big win, but this isn’t always the case, so be sure you know what you’re signing up for before you do so.

Is there a maximum or minimum withdrawal amount for no wager winnings?

While no wagering offers can be exciting and tempting to just get stuck into without reading the small print, it’s often the case that there will be a limit on how much or how little you can withdraw. For example, if you land a particularly large win, you may have a wait ahead of you before you can withdraw all of it to your personal bank account, as weekly or monthly withdrawal limits could be in place. Similarly, if you land a modest win, you may need to have more money in your virtual wallet before being eligible for the minimum withdrawal limit.

Pros and cons of No Wagering Bingo


  • Winnings are immediately available to withdraw as spendable cash
  • Free bingo tickets are typically given out to the most popular bingo rooms as no wager bonuses
  • There is no need to wager huge amounts of money regularly in order to release winnings from pending status in your online wallet


  • Sometimes only a select number of payment methods are offered as part of a no wagering bingo bonus
  • There can be caps on winnings gained as a result of free spins
  • Free spin no wager bonuses can have a high wagering requirement on slots-based winnings

Best No Wagering Bingo Site Bonuses

Ever been tempted by no wagering bingo sites, but not known which bonus is the best for you? Here’s the lowdown on what each one means, so you can make a more informed choice:

Free Bingo Tickets

These are given out as an incentive to get new bingo players to explore bingo rooms and start getting stuck into what’s on offer on the site. As there are no wagering requirements, money is available for withdrawal after it’s been won, without any further steps needing to be taken. Typically, only selected bingo rooms are available, so if this bonus doesn’t offer you the chance to play the type of bingo you enjoy the most, then it may be best to look for a different kind of no wager bonus.

Deposit Match

These encourage players to make their first deposit on the bingo site, as they will match the amount that has been put in a virtual wallet. Sometimes, they will go further than that, and many online bingo sites will double, triple or even quadruple their offerings. It’s not unheard of to see offers such as ‘Deposit £10, receive £40’ or similar. The two requirements that are usually in place for such offers are that the player must play through their £10 before either receiving the bonus or being able to download their winnings, and the amount that can be won is usually capped to avoid the operator experiencing huge losses.

Free Spins

If a bingo site has slots games available as well as different varieties of online bingo, then free spins are often offered as part of a no wagering bonus. These can be good for players who want to try something new or have a break in between bingo games. However, the main thing to look out for with this type of no wager offer is the potential of high wagering requirements, with the loophole that any winnings earned through a slots game are subject to the wagering seen with slots bonuses.

Free Bingo Game Time

Although not seen too regularly, some bingo sites will offer a new player a particular period of free gametime, most often the first 24 hours. It goes without saying, but if you want to take part in this kind of no wager bonus, make sure you have time set aside so you can register for an account and then make the most of this offer by spending as much time on the site as possible, in order to maximise your chances of winning. Most typically, bingo sites will introduce caps to the amount that can be won with this bonus.

Best Bingo Sites with No Wagering

While these offers can change over time, here’s a snapshot of the kind of no wagering bingo bonus you can expect to find online:

  1. Buzz Bingo – Deposit and spend £10, get £30 in bingo bonuses with no wagering requirement
  2. Bingo Besties – Receive up to £70 in free bingo tickets with no wagering requirement
  3. Bingo Storm – £80 to spend on bingo and 10 free spins with no wagering requirement
  4. Mr Q – 10 free spins on first deposit and 24 hours of free bingo
  5. Blighty Bingo – Deposit £5 and get £25 in free bingo tickets, plus 5 free spins
  6. Heart Bingo – Deposit and play £10, receive up to £50 in free bingo plus 30 free spins
  7. Queen Bee Bingo – Deposit £10, get 160 free tickets and daily free spins
  8. Circus Bingo – Deposit £10, get £100 in free bingo tickets and 10 bonus spins

Future of Bingo with No Wager

Due to the recent explosion of online gambling, with casinos, sportsbooks and bingo sites experiencing unprecedented levels of competition, it’s likely that the bonuses and no wagering offers seen with new providers are only going to get increasingly generous in a bid to entice new players in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated.

This is beneficial for players, as they can take the time to shop around and find a no wager bonus that is tailored to their needs. Fortunately, Queen of Bingo has compiled the ultimate list of the best bingo sites to check out, where you will be able to discover a plethora of information, including the no wagering bonuses which are available for you to enjoy.

Top 3 No Wagering Bingo Sites 2021

RankBingoOfferBrand ScoreVisit Site
1stBuzz Bingo

Spend £10, Get £30

2ndBlighty Bingo

Spend £10, Get £80

3rdHeart Bingo

Spend £10, Get £50